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I heard so many beautiful reviews in Taejongdae. You can see the Japan’s Daema Island from their observatory.

Deungdae (lighthouse)


Designated as a Busan monument, along with Oryukdo Island, Taejongdae represents Busan, and is especially famous for its rock beach. Featuring its highest peak at 250 meters, there are forests of pine trees and other 200 varieties of trees. Taejongdae was named after the 29th king of Silla Dynasty BC57~AD 935), King TaeJong Mu-Yeol . King TaeJong had traveled to many places but this was the place he enjoyed shooting arrows. Under the lighthouse of this resort is a rock called Sinseon Rock, named after the myth that gods and goddesses came down here to relax. At this rock is a figure called Mangbuseok, named after the story of a woman who waited for her husband who had been taken to Japan. Taejongdae is also famous for the ritual of praying for rain, performed when there are droughts, and rain on the 10th of lunar May is called the ‘Taejong Rain’.

-From the Official site of Korea Tourism Organization

Danubi Train

 Danubi Train
1) Operating Hours: 09:30 – 20:00 (Mar-Oct)/ 09:30~19:00 (Nov-Feb)
2) Ticket Price:
– Individual: Adults 1,500 won / Youths 1,000 won / Children 600
– Group (30 or more people): Adults 1,200 won / Youths 800
won / Children 500 won ※ Youths: ages 13 – 18 / Children : ages 4 – 12

You can also have your tour by Cruise Boat.

Our ticket

Japan’s Daema Island

Can you see them? They are fishing.


From Busan Station, take city bus # 88 or 101 and get off at Taejongdae Park (10 min interval / 30 min ride).

This place is so beautiful and best for family, lovers and friends. 🙂