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Once we arrived at Gwangalli Beach, I was surprised because their beaches are in the city. They are many restaurants, hotels and shops along the beach and its beautiful sandy beach. Gwangalli Beach more beautiful and quiet than Haeundae Beach.

Gwangalli Beach


Gwangalli Beach is 1.4 km long, 64m wide, and is famous for its fine sand. This area has undergone a water cleaning program, and as a result, the water of the beach is pristine. The clean waters of this are also attract many fishermen. You can prepare raw fish dishes on the spot, right after you have caught the fish. For those looking for some action, there is the Olympic Yacht Rental where you can rent yachts. You can also enjoy water-skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, and other exciting water sports. On the beach there is an outer concert stage where the Busan Ocean Festival and other various events are held. The area has a cultural center, a museum, theaters for plays and movies, an art gallery, TV station, and famous Korean and non-Korean fashion brand name shops. It is a popular gathering place for young people in their 20s and 30s.

Beach in a city…

We took the City Tour Bus. Waiting for the bus to arrived.


 How to Get to Busan from Seoul

Take a train from Seoul Station (subway line No.1, 4) → Arrive at Busan Station (Time it takes: By KTX: 2hrs 40 mins., By Saemaeul: 3hrs 40 mins., By Mugunghwa: 5hrs 20mins. / First bus is at 05:25, Last bus is at 23:00, Intervals are between 5~10 mins.) 

How to Get to Gwangalli Beach from Busan Station
1. From Busan Station, take city bus No. 41, 42, 140, 239, 240, 139 and get off at Gwanganlli Beach (runs frequently)
2. From Express Bus Terminal, take city bus No. 131, 131-1
3. Take subway line no. 1 from Busan Subway Station and transfer from subway line no. 1 to no. 1 at Seomyeon Station. Get off at Gwangan Station(subway line no. 2, exit 3 or 5) and walk 5 minutes.

I love the view here. You can see the sunset and the Gwangan Bridge especially in night view. You can see the lights illuminating the whole beach. Perfect for lovers.