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I can’t wait for Christmas. This is my favorite occasion every year because it’s all about family reunions, sharing, shopping and most of all about GOD. I cant wait to open my gifts every Christmas.

Here are the items I want to receive this coming Christmas.

1. Gadgets– I want to have an iPad or iPod touch. iPad costs around Php 22,000 while iTouch costs Php 9,700

I’m a techie person. I have my iPhone and iPod before but I switched to Blackberry Curve. I also have my Canon DSLR 1100 and my laptop Lenovo Z370.

2. Fitflop– I love this style and color. Simple but elegant. This costs around Php 3,000-4,000

3. Planner– I want this Belle de Jour Power Planner. It costs around Php 600.00. It’s so cute.

I like to be organize and plan for my future. I think everyone should have their planner because it helps you to be organize and to improve you as a person. It’s best for a person who always forget everything like birthdays, meetings, and things to do. This planner helps you a lot.

4. Make up Brushes– Any brand will do. I really want to have a complete set of make up brushes because I love make-ups.

5. Clothes- I used to buy a lot of clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. I’m planning to change my wardrobe because I want to be more fashionable. I really love fashion. I used to buy in Forever 21, tiangge and ukay-ukay. 

6. Headphone– Hedkandi Pure Headphone. I love the color and it’s so fashionable. This cost Php 1,990

These are my the items on my wishlist. I wish there is someone who can give these to me. Haha 😀 Assuming?

Wishing Merry Christmas to all!